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Both Facilitated and Self-Directed, Perfect for Teachers, Parents and Museum Staff

Self-Directed Activities
Scavenger Hunt
PDF (737kb)
An engaging set of seek-and-find challenges to serve as "speed-bumps" for kids visiting the exhibit and to ensure they get the most out of Alien Earths.  Use as during-visit or post-visit exhibit activity or use sections of it to highlight the content you want!  
Puzzle Page
PDF (1.21mb)
Enhance the Alien Earths experience with this one page fold-over packed with innovative games and activities perfect for pre or post exhibit visit, camp-ins, class visits, and special events.
Exploring the Universe
PDF (74kb)
Get the basics across with this context-setting, simple one-pager ... excellent as a pre or post activity.
Facilitated Activities
Diversity of Life
PDF (2.14mb)
Highlight biological concepts relevant to our search for life elsewhere in the Universe.  What's the most common form of life on Earth?  What's the difference between habitats and organisms?  How does our knowledge of life on Earth inform our search for aliens?  Excellent as pre, during, or post visit activity.
Near and Far Card Game
PDF (679kb)
Players sort 10 images of Earthly and celestial objects in order of their distance from Earth's Surface.  This is an excellent activity for providing perspective on the scale and structure of the Universe.
Small and Large Card Game
PDF (2.57mb)
In this simple and engaging activity, learners will sort images according to
size and gain a basic understanding for the scale of objects in the universe.
We recommend using it in workshops, camp-ins, with school groups, for
family events, and on the exhibit floor near the “Powers-of-Ten” display.






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