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straight from an astrobiologist!  Get the answers via the internet to your burning questions from Dr. David Morrison, senior scientist for the NASA Astrobiology Institute!


For Museum, Planetariums, and Science Center Venues

Live, in-person presentation by a scientist doing active research in exhibit-related science (the search for undiscovered planets and life in the galaxy).  The scientist selected will be a proven science communicator. 
This is a fee-based service.  Contact us today to discuss your needs.
Brad McLain

For Museum, Planetariums, and Science Center Venues

Bring this one-of-a-kind musical event to your community.  It combines original and standard jazz tunes with a cosmic twist!
ASTRO-Jazz is a multi-sensory program of live jazz music, good humor, beautiful imagery, and "gee-whiz" insights into the wonders of the Universe.
ASTRO-Jazz programs are performed by astronomy chanteuse, Dr. Cherilynn Morrow - a Ph.D. astronomer, Doug Roche, jazz pianist and composer and musicians from your local community on bass and drums. 

This is a fee-based program, but there may be cost-sharing opportunities up through the Spring 2007 host venue of the Alien Earths exhibit.

Contact us today to explore the possibilities:

Cherilynn Morrow
303 880 5558

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