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Directly Useful to Educators:

NASA Astro-Venture


Produced by the NASA Astrobiology Institute, Astro-Venture is an interactive environment where students in grades 5-8 can role-play NASA occupations as they search for and build a planet capable of supporting human habitation. The experience highlights NASA careers and astrobiology research in Astronomy, Geology, Atmospheric Sciences, and Biology.



A program to allow your home computer to assist with SETI’s search for intelligent extraterrestrial life.

Space Science Institute: MarsQuest Online


An exploration-based Web site with exciting interactives that let you explore the Martian surface in 3-D, drive a Mars Rover, highlight Mars mysteries, and much more!

Cool Cosmos


Explore the infrared universe through games, video, resources, curricular activities, images, and more including an Infrared Zoo!


Links to Curricula:

Life in the Universe – a new textbook, now available


Information about a pioneering textbook developed for use in courses in astrobiology, though it can also be used for introductory astronomy courses with an emphasis on life. The authors are highly respected leaders in astronomy and astrobiology education: Jeff Bennett, Seth Shostak, and Bruce Jakosky.

Voyages Through Time


An integrated science curriculum for 9 th or 10 th grade based on the theme of evolution.

Kinesthetic Astronomy


Experiential lessons in basic astronomy for grades 6 & up.


Training Opportunities:

Tim’s On-line Astronomy Courses


On-line teacher training, workshops, and resources from the Conceptual Astronomy & Physics Education Research Team.


Additional Links:

Jean Schneider’s Extrasolar Planets Encyclopedia


A catalogue of our discoveries of extrasolar planets, including extensive stats, names, and dates of discovery. Regularly updated!

California & Carnegie Planet Search


Another approach to cataloging extrasolar planets. Multiple planet systems are not grouped together, but all of the known extrasolar planets are arranged collectively in order of increasing distance from the star.

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