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Enhance the Alien Earths experience with this one page fold-over packed with innovative games and activities perfect for pre or post exhibit visit, camp-ins, class visits, and special events.
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Ask an Astrobiologist

Got a question?  We've got answers...

straight from an astrobiologist!  Get the answers via the internet to your burning questions from Dr. David Morrison, senior scientist for the NASA Astrobiology Institute!

Near & Far Game

Power Point Version - (334kb)
Online Interactive Version

Big & Small Game

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Online Interactive Version

Other Links

NASA Astro-Venture

An interactive environment where students in grades 5-8 can role-play NASA occupations as they search for and build a planet capable of supporting human habitation. The experience highlights NASA careers and astrobiology research in Astronomy, Geology, Atmospheric Sciences, and Biology.


A program to allow your home computer to assist with SETI’s search for intelligent extraterrestrial life.

Cool Cosmos

Explore the infrared universe through games, video, resources, curricular activities, images, and more including an Infrared Zoo!

Planet Quest New World Atlas

A continuously updated, searchable database of all planets that have been discovered around stars other than the Sun.

Are We Alone?

The SETI Institute’s Weekly Radio Program.

SETI@Home Science and Education Links

The education section of this page provides an excellent collection of astrobiology related links to curriculum, on-line courses, and a powers of 10 demo.

Marsbugs: The Astrobiology Index

A comprehensive index of astrobiology related links, news, research and announcements.

Astrobiology Web

Information on how to become an astrobiologist.

Powers of 10

An Interactive Java Tutorial – Start 10 million light years from the Milky Way galaxy and wind up face to face with a proton in Florida.










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