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Build your own star systems at a million years a minute.
Requires Adobe Flash
Glimpse/MIPSGAL Viewer:
Explore a four gigapixel infrared image of our galaxy.
Requires Adobe Flash
Listening for Life:
Play back these sounds and see if you can decide which are natural and which aren't.
Planet Families:
Try to build the perfect solar system. See how different planets react with one another, and see how some planets are important in keeping the solar system stable. Play alone, or team up with other online players! Requires Adobe Flash
Winogradsky Column:
Create a virtual Winogradsky Column! Move the microbial blobs into place and see if they survive.
Drake Equation:
How many planets out there could support life? Use the Drake Equation to find out.
Looking for Life:
Life comes in all shapes and sizes. See if you can recognize life!
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