The unique mission of the Space Science Institute is to integrate scientific research with education and public outreach. Our research program includes Earth science, space physics, planetary science, and astrophysics. As part of our education and public outreach (EPO) program, we develop science exhibits for museums; develop educational web sites and computer kiosks, provide professional development for teachers; conduct education workshops for scientists who are interested in education; and create instructional materials and classroom activities that are aligned with the national education standards in science, math, and technology. Our EPO programs benefit greatly from the active involvement of research scientists.

The National Science Foundation’s Division of Informal Science Education (ISE) promotes public interest, understanding, and engagement in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through voluntary, self-directed, and lifelong learning opportunities. The ISE program supports a variety of projects, including:
• Television programs, films, and radio shows
• Exhibits and educational programs at museums, science and technology centers, aquaria, nature centers, zoos, and libraries
• Educational programs and activities through community and youth-based programs

Alien Earths is supported by the National Science
Foundation under grant #ESI-0125762. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or
recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do
not necessarily reflect views of the National Science Foundation.

The following NASA spacecraft programs supported the development of the Alien Earths exhibition & education program:





NASA Astrobiology Institute

Space Telescope Science Institute











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